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Top Flange With Tube Swing Clamp Cylinder

Brand: Youzhi
Scope of application: fixtures, drilling machines, milling machines, etc.
Pressure range: 15-70kg/cm2
Type: Hydraulic oil pressure angle cylinder
Corner cylinder type: top Flange With Tube
Cylinder inner diameter: Φ25, Φ32, Φ40, Φ50, Φ63
Compression arm form: single side compression S (Single), bilateral compression D (Double)
Compression direction: left rotation compression L (lift), right rotation compression R (right), non-rotation N (No swing)

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As a high-tech company that is professionally engaged in the research, development, manufacture, sales, and service of energy-saving hydraulic equipment, Ningbo Youzhi Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. introduces materials from Germany, the United States, Japan, and Taiwan to maintain our reputation of high quality. With sophisticated technological support from R&D Center in Taiwan, Youzhi insists on providing our consumers with the most optimized solutions and the best service in energy-saving and clamp automation field.

Application field

Application field

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Cooperation case

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